Horizontal and slanted rigs

Horizontal Rig

Our horizontal rigs consist of individual components and modules which can be loaded into ISO-containers that have standard transport dimensions and can be transported quickly and cost-efficiently. As a result, all special transports and associated approval procedures are omitted. As an option, the drill mast makes it possible to work with drill pipes and other tubulars of a length of up to 12 meters unlike the conventional 9.5 meters. For transport the drill mast can be splitted.

Our slanted rigs are available as trailer mounted units or as individual components and modules which can be loaded into ISO-containers. The slanted rigs have an adjustable drilling angle between 35° to 90° and can handle tubulars of a length up to 14 meters.

The close cooperation with DrillTec, a subsidiary of STREICHER Group, and profound technical knowledge enable the development and construction of horizontal and slanted drilling rigs which operate reliably and guarantee an economic realisation of the project even under challenging applications and harsh climatic conditions. No matter if there are river crossings, area crossings, shore approaches, shore crossings, mountain crossings or solid rock drillings – our rigs are efficient with a highly precise control at the same time. The HDD drilling rigs can handle drillings of up to 1.4 meters in diameter and drilling lengths of up to 3,000 meters. Our SDD rigs can handle tubulars up to 20".