Cladding for reconstruction or upgrade of components

Welding robot

By means of a modern welding robot (manufacturer: Fronius) we carry out cladding procedures. Moreover, the extensive technical equipment within the STREICHER Group enables us to process components before and after cladding procedures. We are able to handle a lot of different filler metals. Furthermore we are specialised on using filler metals based on nickel, e.g. INCONEL 625. On request we execute further steps like painting or coating (Xylan) of components.

Model: 6-axis welding roboter as column/boom system with rotary table

Welding procedures: TIG hot wire welding for single and double wire weldings


  • Optimised for cladding
  • Endless rotating welding head
  • Automised welding in case of stationary components
  • Rotary table with a load capacity of 10,000 kg for outside diameter > 500 mm
  • Automised centering function
  • Smart software for efficient programming
  • Database for component geometries incl. intersections
  • Detection of component position
  • Automised outline correction
  • Monitoring of welding parameters
  • Data logger
  • Vertical travel: 3,000 mm
  • Horizontal travel: 4,000 mm
  • Build-up welding for internal or external surface
  • Inside diameter beginning at 25 mm

Examples for internal surfaces

Internal geometries